Gascón Malbec

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This medium bodied wine with a moderate cherry-like red color is 100% Malbec. It is made from hand-harvested grapes in Mendoza, Argentina Overall, this is a decent wine for $16. It’s very smooth but it does have the peppery, slightly bitter flavor you expect from a Malbec.

While it was a reasonably high alcohol content (13.8%) it doesn’t have the same sharp bite that other wines of this percentage sometimes do.


Chad's Notes

As malbecs go, this one isn't bad. It's slightly dry, and the opening is nice and fruity and a bit sweet but doesn't really go very far - which isn't a bad thing necessarily, but for me it could have been a bigger flavor.

The aroma is sharp - like a malbec tends to be - with a tiny hint of cocoa. There's also a faint earthiness that I could smell but not really taste.

I think Gascón has a decent malbec for the price, I enjoyed it, but it's not one of my favorites. I'd probably reserve this one for when it was on sale.

Lynne's Notes

Like Chad, I enjoyed this wine, but it wasn't one of my favorites either. I agree that it was just slightly dry and had a nice fruit flavor, but it wasn't as full-bodied as I usually prefer.

This is definitely an easy wine to drink and would be a good choice to bring as a housewarming gift or to a dinner party. It wouldn't be too overwhelming for those who like something a bit lighter, but yet it would appeal to those who like a heavier wine as well.

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