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Part of Familia Durigutti’s entry-level line, this is a solid malbec for $17. The wine combines grapes from three different vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina, and spends twelve months in oak barrels prior to bottling.

The grapes for this particular Malbec are from the San Carlos and La Consulta sections of Valle de Uco, as well as Lujan de Cuyo (all of which falls inside the Mendoza Appelation).

It has a rich, deep red color and a nice full body. At 14% ABV, it has a definite bite and is a Malbec that’s worth looking for.

Chad's Notes

I actually enjoyed this Malbec quite a bit - especially for it's low price. It's just a little bit dry and has a very mild earthiness to it.

It is (as Malbecs tend to be) a little on the bitter side, and it has a definite bite.

Any time I'm in the mood for a Malbec, I'll check wine lists for this one.

Lynne's Notes

Malbec was one of the first red wines that piqued my interest in red wines a few years back - well before Chad and I were as into red wine as we are now. It was at an informal tasting and I remember thinking "that's pretty good, I could see myself drinking that."

Durigutti did not disappoint. It has a great full body and that bite that I enjoy so much, especially with a Malbec. That being said though, it's easy to drink and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one. We will definitely be having another bottle of this for one of our next date nights 😉

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