Rodney Strong Sonoma County Cabernet

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Rodney Strong’s Sonoma County Cabernet is, at $21 a bottle, a bit overpriced – despite being part of Rodney Strong’s entry level line.

As Cabs go, this one was pretty tame – might be good for someone that tends to like lighter flavored reds.

This is a medium bodied, reddish-purple Cab with a 13.5% alcohol content. The Sonoma County line of wines from Rodney Strong is sourced primarily from the same vineyards as their Estate collection, but this Cab unfortunately just couldn’t compete with it’s slightly more expensive counterparts.

Chad's Notes

I really wasn't very impressed with this one. The wine has a faintly earthy aroma and flavor, along with a hint of berry, but other than that it was fairly bland.

It wasn't at all dry, so if you like a Cabernet that has a very gentle flavor, this could be for you.

Personally, if I were drinking Rodney Strong again, I'd stay away from the Sonoma County series.

Lynne's Notes

This wine didn't do a whole lot for me. There wasn't really much going on in terms of flavor, and I've had $10-12 wines that I've enjoyed much more and felt had more depth.

This would definitely not be a wine I would get again.

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