Rodney Strong Alexander Valley Estate Cabernet

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Rodney Strong Vineyard’s Estate Series of wines is a vast improvement over their “Sonoma County” line – at least as far as Cabernet is concerned. At $27, it is a much better buy than it’s slightly less expensive counterpart.

With a rich plum color, this Cabernet definitely improves when given time to breathe. It does have a bit of a bite (due to the 14.5% alcohol content) but apart from that wasn’t particularly bold.

Chad's Notes

After my first experience with a Rodney Strong Cab, this was a pleasant surprise.

Medium flavored overall, with a nice notes of plum and a slight, lingering bite. It was a good wine that was somewhat dry, but not drastically so.

After trying this one, I'm excited to test some of Rodney Strong's higher end offerings.

Lynne's Notes

Well this was far more enjoyable than the Sonoma County Rodney Strong Cab. I would agree with Chad that it had hints of plum and it was slightly dry as well. I tend to enjoy a fuller bodied wine and this one was a bit more medium bodied, but that didn't stop from me from enjoying each and every sip 😉

If it fell into the lower price bracket, it would definitely warrant at least a 4 Glass Value Rating. I wouldn't hesitate to drink this wine again!

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