Ghost Pines Cabernet

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Ghost Pines Cab, in it’s slim, tall bottle is a decent offering for it’s $18 price point.

Medium bodied with a rich purple color, the 2012 vintage has a very strong bite for it’s ABV of 13.9%. Made with a blend of grapes from both Sonoma and Napa Counties, this cab has decent flavor.

It isn’t dry and it’s not really much of a cocktail wine – much better with food than by itself.

Chad's Notes

Not a bad Cabernet - I enjoyed it, but it's probably not one I'd pay restaurant prices for.

It has a very strong bite that lingers on the tongue - so strong that it kind of takes over on the aroma side as well. there is a faint hint of caramel on the nose, but not a lot else.

Before the bite sets in, there are notes of cassis and berries, but they could have been more accentuated to earn a higher rating.

Overall, I'd call this one good, but not great.

Lynne's Notes

Now, I'm the first one to love a good bite to my wine, especially on a cold, snowy day. Unfortunately this wine had almost too much of a bite that it overtook the flavor of the wine.

It was as though I couldn't enjoy the full flavor because the bite lingered through the better part of the sip, rather than just getting that little bite at the end.

I might be willing to give it another try at some point, but won't be on the lookout for this wine when I'm out!

About The Vineyard...

Ghost Pines

Ghost Pines was created by the Luis M. Martini Winery to give winemaker Michael Eddy the opportunity to craft multi-appelation wines.

Eddy likes to point out that "The vineyards don't know where the county lines are," and so he prefers to focus on finding great grapes without obsessing over where they are grown.

The Ghost Pines Vineyard is named after a specific type of California pine tree, known for it's sometimes ominous appearance, especially around dusk.

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