Freakshow Cabernet

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% Alcohol

Between it’s unusual name and bright, busy label, Freakshow is a wine that promises to be different from the moment you lay eyes on it.

Come from Michael David Winery, who have always been a favorite of ours, Freakshow is a wine we’ve been looking forward to trying for quite some time now.

This is a robust Cabernet with a touch of Petite Sirah blended in and has a rich burgundy color. The winemakers describe it as “gulpable” and we really can’t disagree.

The 2012 vintage has a nicely balanced 14.5$ ABV that enhances the overall flavor and finish of the wine nicely, landing it a solid 4 glass value rating at $20 – putting it right on track with some of the other amazing wines available from this winemaker

Chad's Notes

Big fan of this one (as usual with Michael David). The wine carries a nice smokey aroma that transitions to a tart plum and pomegranate flavor.

Each sip opens with a big, bold flavor, then transitions into a moderate bite. The flavor lingers nicely and leaves a touch of dryness behind, and the smokey notes I picked up on the aroma really shine through on the finish.

I've been looking forward to trying this one for a while, and it was well worth the wait - not Michael David's best offering, but then again they do set the bar pretty high. 🙂

Definitely one I look forward to enjoying again. And again.

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