Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel

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Cline Cellars’ Ancient Vines Zinfandel comes from the Contra Costa County section of the San Francisco Bay area. Most of the vines in these vineyards are upwards of 80 years old, and some were even planted over a century ago. All of that adds up to a rich, balanced wine with a bright red color.

As far as the mix is concerned, this wine is 90% Zinfandel, with just a little Petite Sirah, Carignane  and Sirah mixed in.

For $18 you really can’t go wrong with this one!

Chad's Notes

I was very pleased with this wine (tip my hat to Lynne for picking it out!). It has a lot more flavor than it looks like it would, as it's fairly light for a Zin.
The aroma is earthy, with a hint of cocoa - but the flavor is smooth, rich berries are balanced out by a light earthy finish and isn't at all dry. You definitely taste the 15% alcohol content on this one, with that nice pleasant bite that Lynne and I enjoy so much.

This is definitely one to watch wine lists for!

Lynne's Notes

Wow, looks definitely CAN be deceiving. This wine is much fuller than it appears and was a pleasant surprise from the first sip. It has a bright berry flavor with just a hint of earthiness and a bit of bite due to it's higher alcohol content, which we tend to enjoy 😉

All in all, I would definitely have this wine again and think it is a very good wine - especially considering it's price point of around $18.

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