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Bogle Phantom, the seasonal offering released each fall by Bogle Family Vineyards, is fairly well known in it’s category. A red blend from Lodi, Clarksburg, and the Sierra Foothills, this wine meets the expectations that are set by it’s popularity, but doesn’t really exceed them.

Ruby red in color, Phantom is composed of 46% Petite Sirah, 40%Zinfandel, 11% Cabernet, and 3% Mourvèdre. It has a nice 14.9% ABV and a well balanced flavor – might not hit the mark for those who like a really bold flavor, but it’s still very good.

This one landed a Three Glass Value rating, simply because of it’s price point of $20 – which just barely puts it over the mark of deserving a Four Glass Rating (a dollar or two cheaper and it would be there).

Chad's Notes

This was an enjoyable wine that I've been looking forward to trying as I'd heard so much about it. Had a nice earthy, peppery sort of aroma - which recurred a little on the finish. The primary flavor is one of blackberries, but has a bit of tartness that makes me think of cassis or boysenberries.

That tart flavor lingers a bit on the palate and leaves a bit of dryness behind.

Overall, not my favorite blend of all time, but definitely one I would happily drink again, especially due to it's limited seasonal availability.

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