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Dominio del Plata’s BenMarco line is designed as a tribute to traditional Argentinian wines, focusing on the grapes and flavors of the region.

The BenMarco Malbec is a decent wine for the price. It’s very well balanced, with subtle fruit flavors and a bold finish.

95% Malbec, BenMarco also has 5% Bonarda blended in to add complexity and balance. The Malbec grapes are from Agrelo in Lujan de Cuyo and Vista Flores in Valle de Uco, and the Bonarda is grown in Ugarteche (also in Lujan de Cuyo).

The deep purple color and medium full body of the 2012 vintage are both rewarding and enjoyable. the 13.9% ABV is nice, giving good flavor and bite (essential fora good Malbec) while not being so intense to be overwhelming.

At $19, this wine delivers nicely. It has a nice lingering finish with a classic peppery Malbec bite.



Chad's Notes

Decent Malbec - very traditional with an earthy aroma that carries hints of pepper.

It has hints of berries and a nice plum flavor. It's pretty dry, which can be good, depending on your tastes, and I like how the flavor lingered.

Not the greatest Malbec I've ever had, but for under $20 a bottle, I can definitely recommend giving it a try.

Lynne's Notes

This was definitely just an okay wine for me - didn't hate it, didn't love it either. It's a bit dry with some earthiness and the flavor wasn't bad with notes of plum and berries, but it just fell a little flat for me.

I think this would fall under the category of giving it another try down the road, but I sadly won't be keeping an eye out for it anytime soon!

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